History of Benidorm Apartments

Our ancestors were farmers and lived in La Nucia, a few kilometers away from Benidorm. Our great grandfather, Francisco, married Josefina, a beautiful lady from Castellon, 250 kilometers away from Benidorm. She had to move back to La Nucia; therefore, she sold all her inheritance from Castellon. With that money she bought a property with land in Benidorm, what is now San Francisco Apartments. It was a country residence, which had the typical Mediterranean plantation such as orange trees, lemon trees, almond trees and olive trees. This property was about 4ha large, with a labor house, a fresh water well and a pond for irrigation. Interestingly, the house had some tiles with the image of Saint Francis of Assisi.

During the 1940’s and 50’s their children (Antonia and Pepe) decided to go to university and in the future they were dedicated to their new professions. Meanwhile, during the 50’s tourism flourished and in the 60’s the real estate boom took place in Benidorm. Pedro Zaragoza, a Benidorm major during that time, envisions a great Benidorm and started to develop rustic areas near the Levante beach, including Josefina’s property. Part of the property was divided and cut by new streets, in order to create new plots of land to construct new buildings. Theses new streets needed to be urbanized by the property owners (in this case Francisco and their children). Asphalt for the roads, streetlights, or sewage systems to cite some examples.

They kept the house with 8000m²; however, after the death of Francisco and Josefina, they had to sell the house to a developer in 1990. The way of paying was to build the San Francisco Apartments complex. The San Francisco Apartments in Benidorm were born and transmitted to the children of Antonia and Pepe. We, Antonia’s children and great children, rent these apartments to keep our ancestors’ legacy.

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